This information has been documented as part of the 2015 Facility Assessment Report.

  • The facility is unable to accommodate the growing needs for staff and inmate numbers.

  • Mechanical and electrical systems are approaching the end of their useful lives. Some systems have failed. Fire alarm coverage and the ventilation system do not meet current code requirements.

  • Access control and electronics are antiquated systems. Security hardware is out-of-date and no longer in production.

  • The building layout is inefficient for staff supervision of inmates and creates blind approaches.

  • Outdated construction (use of bars) used to hold inmates.

  • Primary storage functions for evidence, inmate property, and files are undersized and inappropriate.

  • Many areas of the building are not compliant with ADA accessibility requirements.

  • Building finishes and fixtures are deteriorating and failing. For example, multiple door frames are rusting through.

  • The intake/booking area is undersized for the number of bookings.

  • The energy usage is two times what a new facility would consume.

  • Laundry equipment is residential in size and type, not efficient for required use.

  • Inmate access to the exterior for exercise and fresh air is limited.

  • Multiple site issues include crumbling parking surfaces and insufficient drainage. 

  • Security/technology closets are not secure, dedicated locations. 


Since that report, we have encountered additional issues: 

  • The flat roof has become saturated with water and needs replacement.

  • In 2019, the chiller failed.

  • There is structural deterioration under the Vehicle Sally Port - it is insufficient to properly secure the in-custody defendants.

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